More Bike Routes Coming to York County

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If you enjoy an active lifestyle, then you should get a lot out of living in York County. This is especially true if you enjoy biking, whether it’s for amusement, exercise, or to get around. While there are several extensive bike trails around town to use, even more bike paths are being planned. There is a 30-mile double route bike path called The … [Read more...]

Great News for York County Business

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The development of York County business continues to improve from year to year; in fact, the single most successful economic day recently occurred when The York County Economic Development Corporation recruited both the Lash Group and the LPL Financial Carolinas to Fort Mill. The two companies, which are based in Charlotte, are expected to bring … [Read more...]

Need to Sell Fast? Try These Tips

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Selling a home in York County can be a stressful process, especially if you need to sell fast. Generally, you would want some time to sell your home in order to get the price you want. However, sometimes people need to sell as soon as possible, whether it’s because they need to move by a certain date or because of their financial situation. The following … [Read more...]

Tips for Buying in a Cash-Dominated Market

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If you’ve decided on buying a home in York County, then one of the things that may concern you is the fact that you may not be able to purchase a house with cash. More and more homes are being bought with cash instead of through the use of a mortgage, which may make making an offer on a home with a mortgage pre-approval letter seem like a disadvantage. The … [Read more...]

York County is Getting More Welcoming

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As more people move to York County and the area becomes more popular to live in, York County has been investing more and more into making the area as welcoming as possible. The new welcome sign  on I-77 is a great example of these efforts. Anyone driving into York County will soon be greeted by a 40-foot wide welcome sign near the Carowinds Boulevard … [Read more...]