Popular Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

neutral kitchen
Neutral colors expand a space

Kitchens are one of the key components that potential buyers look for in homes. If you are planning to sell a home in Tega Cay SC in 2013, it may be worth considering current kitchen trends for your remodeling and decorating projects. Think about the following design predictions this year.

  • Modern style with a neutral color scheme. Consider simplified lines and large open spaces that are ideal for entertaining. The color scheme should be primarily neutral. Go beyond black and white. Consider gray, green, and wood tones. Bright colors should serve as small accents.
  • Fancy appliances that are tucked away. Many people prefer new appliances that blend in with the kitchen decor. When you can’t make it blend, consider tucking it away in places such as into the kitchen island. If you’re planning to upgrade your appliances, spring for a professional option, such as a high end gas range to give your kitchen gourmet appeal.
  • Lots of lights. Great lighting is a key component for any kitchen, and should include a mix of ambient and task lighting. Under-cabinet LED lights are also gaining popularity.

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image via  Jess Pac